Monday, May 27, 2013

Bye Bye Barmaid

I waited until after Faire to share this news. I am retiring. 2013 will be my last season as a bartender at Scarborough Faire.

This decision was not made easily or lightly. As many of you know, I am getting married again this summer. I'll have a new home kind of far away and a whole new set of priorities and responsibilities.

I have discussed this with my fiancé, my daughter and my family. They all agree I am making the right decision.

I have been honored to be YOUR barmaid. I treasure the friendships I have made over the years and have very fond memories.

I did not want to announce this at Faire as Shannon Hopps is also retiring. Today was her last hurrah and I did not want to steal any thunder. I also felt it would be kind of cheesy to announce it the same time Shannon did.

While she and I have been at Faire for the same amount of time, she has always been on performing cast and I have done a number of different things from performer to booth owner to barmaid. I do, I believe, have the very best job at Faire. I've loved it and while I will miss it, I am so excited and looking forward to the wonderful new life my daughter and I will have with Robert.

So, raise your glass. God speed and Faire thee well...

Diamond - YOUR Barmaid

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